Who We Are

Whatever your craft, whatever your trade, however you innovate – this is your place.

The Quartermaster is a home to spirited firms and individuals tapping into a community with a storied history of coming together to get things done at our campus in South Philadelphia. Creative firms, artisans and makers, entrepreneurs and tech startups, healthcare, research and lab users or government services will all find a unique and supportive environment in the rich tapestry of the Quartermaster.


The Q Campus

From the moment you step foot within our gates, the feeling is one of becoming part of a unique self-contained world – in the past it was likened to a “little Penatgon.”  The Quartermaster is made up of six one-of-a-kind Art Deco style buildings surrounding an iconic central clocktower. The campus totals one million square feet over 24 acres. Six acres are dedicated to green public spaces.   

Located on the National Register of Historic Places these buildings are being completely renovated, preserving the significant and unique historic value of the campus while making improvements to include the latest in state-of-the-art rehab. Our existing resident population lends to an active and communal environment at the “Q.”


Workspaces of the Quartermaster offer an authentic sense of place with industrial chic aesthetics like large factory windows, exposed ceilings, polished concrete floors. Open design floor plans can serve the varied needs of office, retail or flex space users. Walk up entrances to each building affords tenants a unique dedicated entry with prominent exterior signage branding.

Public spaces include walkable central avenues and outdoor communal plazas.  Just inside of our gated entrance is “the Depot” – come in, have a coffee and chat with your neighbors.